Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest(released less than a month ago) is Oculus's newest VR headset and it certainly set's itself apart. It's key selling feature is that it requires no cables and no gaming PC.

The primary entry barrier with VR gaming has been the need to buy an expensive gaming PC for use with something like an Oculus Rift, which also required a user to be tethered to the gaming PC. This restricted the freedom to move around while gaming and also way increased the overall cost to enjoy VR.

The Oculus Quest effectively eliminates this issue and creates a new direction for VR based gaming in the future.

This is great news for consumers who might previously have been interested in trying out Virtual Reality but couldn't really justify the 1-2k it cost just to buy a VR ready gaming PC and is sure to put Virtual Reality in the hands of more and more.

You can check it out and get yourself one at the amazon link below.

Oculus Quest 64GB

Oculus Quest 128GB